International Institute of Applied Research and Technology


Today the AridGrow ® Technology is the only and unique system of the soil fertility restoration and its total recreation. All other greening or gardening technologies are directed on improvements of the existing fertile soil characteristics or on creation of the temporary artificial conditions for the plants growth. That demands continuous financial expenses for support of survival and full-scale life activity of the gardening plants.

Due to its uniqueness, natural and ecologically balanced mechanism of the "soil - plant" interaction will be launched and reactivated, automatically self-adjusting and self-developing in time. It results in the total recreation of a favorable and fertile ecosystem.

The AridGrow ® Technology provides restoration and reconstruction of a structure of a rich fertile soil, where it brakes by various impacts of a natural or ethnogeny character or does not exist earlier at all.

Today the AridGrow ® Technology is the only, unique desert gardening technology that does not based on the water, and water is not its main component. The unique water-keeping effect of the Powdered Humic SOIL CREATOR AridGrow® and effective nutritional value of the Liquid Humic SOIL ACTIVATOR AridGrow® allows refusing completely from daily irrigating of the gardening plants and proceeding to a new watering technique - not more often than once per week. It reduces on the average in 10 times not only consumption of the expensive freshened irrigation water, but also considerably cuts down expenses for its purchasing.

Therefore, the AridGrow ® Technology is not only the better and faster solution for the main task, but also, which is the most important, requires much lower financial expenses for its application.

We can say that, your money saved twice by the AridGrow ® Technology, because of the better survival of the planted trees and bushes. The percentage of survived plants is much higher in comparison with other desert greening and gardening technologies. That is why it is not necessary to invest time after time significant sums of money into re-planting or re-greening the same territories.

The basic components of the AridGrow ® Technology are the Highly Concentrated Powdered and Liquid Extracts, allocated from PEAT and SAPROPEL using by special Hi-Tec technology, with a high content of HUMIC SUBSTANCES.


RESTORATION of the agrophysical, agrochemical and fertile properties of the arid, exhausted and salinized soils, disturbed by natural processes or economic activities of the population.

CREATION of a fertile soil layer in arid and droughty territories with a purpose of their further common greening or agricultural use.

CONSTANT MAINTENANCE of the efficiency of the recreated fertile soils during its intensive agricultural use.

All of this based on the uniqueness of the AridGrow ® Technology, using excellent qualities of the ecologically pure natural organic products - the Powdered Humic SOIL CREATOR AridGrow ® and the Liquid Humic SOIL ACTIVATOR AridGrow ®, easy to use and friendly for plants, animals and humans.


The AridGrow ® Technology focused on arid and droughty regions and has perfect water-holding properties. It has the next range of application:

  • DESERTIFICATION & CREATION of various oasises;
  • GARDENING of FRUITS and VEGETABLES without any mineral fertilizers;
  • RESTORATION of the arid, exhausted & salanized soils;
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGNING and decorative greening construction;
  • PLANTING of trees, bushes & green hedges along HIGHWAYS;
  • CULTIVATION of green lawns, flower beds & vegetative plantations;
  • GROWING of decorative floral in domestic & public gardens;
  • PRODUCTIVE agriculture & industrial FARM-PRODUCTION.

The AridGrow ® Technology is one of the mainstreams for money investing in development of the future generations, their well-being and harmonious co-existence with a natural world. In fact, the future generations will live on gardening lands and will manage completely another quality of an environment - not arid and sterile land, but the comfortable and fertile territories.