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This project was long time project. It had started in 1995 by order of Mercedes-Benz, Germany. The intermediate customer was Prodatas Gmbh, Germany. The main point of project was the visualization of huge volume of data. The project was created on Visual C++ 4,5,6 versions. Up to 10 programmers were involved in works under this project.

The Visualization and computing of huge array of data

The technology completes of several OCXs with special functions inside. 

The technology permits:

  • To visualize and compute of huge volume of data (more then 100 billions of values in several formats) with high performance. The special computing methods are using to grow performance;
  • To zoom the data through computing zooming too far in deep;


The selective visualization of data with special statistic methods;



  • To do the special recompile of data;
  • To make the reverse data depends;
  • To do the flexible tuning to data formats. To use a lot of data formats such as ODBC, DAO, ADO, XML and more;
  • To make multi-channel data access.