International Institute of Applied Research and Technology

Artificial Inteligence, Machine Learning and Hybrid Neural Networks

Our projects:

Project LSS - Debtor risk assessment

Our expert (S.Plyuta) leads this project by order of intelico co, USA

The multi-channel complex Hybrid Neural Network is used.

In real time more then 1,5 million loans assessment probability getting

The system automatically takes decision about loan realize . The computer AI expert uses more then 150 parameters about debtor to make prediction.

The probability of loan realization is up to 97%

Project - Jatropha investigation experimental plant (mill)

PROJECT - Cooling Tower

Artificial Neural Network Modeling Tools

Multi channel artificial neural networks

Hybrid layers on fuzzy logic based are used

Expert data included in analysis

Expand the restriction of modeling conditions

Recurrent (feedback) neural network for conduct calculation processes

Multi process C++ lib for prepare data to machine learning.