Pavel Sokolov

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Personal Statement

More than 18+ years of experience in multiple roles such as: business analyst, project manager, team leader, system architect, software designer and developer.

From the idea to the customer's full product: website, web application, embedded and mobile application, server solution and big data analysis or implementation based on existing solutions, including analysis, planning, design, development, testing, and measurement of the effectiveness of the publication of the decision.


- 50 projects as a project manager

- 50 projects as a software developer and architect

- 30 employees as a resource manager



- Management and coordination several departments

- Coordination of IT professionals

- Project management Professional

- Development of management project and products

- Technological expertise in C/C++/Java/Python, client-server, embedded, cross-platform applications, BigData.



Fujitsu, Siemens, Sony, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Ansaldo, Everbridge, TouchPad, IdentityLogix, Mutalink, Termofisher, ElectroCraft, ProCAD, Askon, PriorBank, BelGasPromBank, BelInvestBank.


Employment History


Complex and fully scalable ERP for a major lumber company. Automation of processes between manufacturer and buyer and also performing of analysis and prognosis of sales. The goal of this system is to:

-          planning of materials traffic

-          warehouse Import/export tracking

-          financial data tracking

-          prognosis of production work load

-          accurate bulk management and price calculation

-          ability to set up advanced unloading schedule due to SMS-notifications to drivers

-          designing of documents and reports associated with production and other processes related to production

The main challenge was to study Python and PostgreSQL which allowed to make system flexible and expandable.

Core Technologies Used: Python, PostgreSQL, Angular, HTML



PSA 08.2015 09.2016


The group of projects for railway lines. The goal was to modernize the trains management system and migrate the system to a new platform of sensors and controllers. The most challenging tasks were:

-          Prepare rebranding of QT interfaces

-          Implement and agree intuitive interfaces for the management of trains (QT)

-          Implement tool for configuration microcontrollers (MODTI: Message monitor)

-          Interaction with new microcontrollers (MicroLoc)

Core Technologies Used: QT, C++


SpyLogix platform

SpyLogix Enterprise Platform allows to capture and leverage information for securing business data assets enterprise wide. The main advantages of the platform are:

-          online analytic information

-          Graphical configuration of policies and dynamic connection of libraries

-          integrated with SiteMinder and vSphere

The main challenges were:

-          analysis different types of ZeroMQ, proxies

-          store and getting analytic information quickly

-          development configurable tool for policies of capture with the opportunity to use external libraries

Core Technologies Used: C++, C#, Java, ZeroMQ, MongoDB, HBase, SiteMinder



The problem was to make connation between two platforms Everbridge and OnGuard. For that I should make integration with OnGuard platform and retranslate events with logging and modification to the Everbridge platform.

The main challenge was to OnGuard pass certification. For that I should follow all requirements of OnGuard, demonstrate algorithm and prove it safety.

Core Technologies Used: C++, C#, OnGuard API, MS SQL


Sam-Solutions 06.2010 08.2015

SCOM and SCVVM integration

My task was to implement of management packs and scripts for notification, migrate and replicate VMs by the SCOM and SCVMM API.

The main challenge was creation of a recovery script for virtual machines. It was required to safely migrate VMs under different locations and ensure the smooth operation on Fujitsu servers.

Monitoring and Configurations were also a challenge, since the data had to be displayed on different layers of abstraction, with different type of grouping and locations of servers with possibility their configuration.

Core Technologies Used: PowerShell, SCOM and SCVMM, VBS.



SCOM is manager of monitoring and management of Fujitsu servers. The project was to ensure the monitoring and configuration of Fujitsu servers.

The main challenge was studying and evaluating of possibility to migrate project for JBoss.

It required a significant revision and modification existing source code, but it helps making it possible to make the application scalable, and more efficient on current solution.

Core Technologies Used: Java, JBoss, C++, MS SQL, Wise


ECSAT 05.2009 05.2010


The initial problem was that the chip cards in Belarus were not supported, and we were the first company which implemented this feature on Belarusian market.

The main challenge was to implement of communication protocol between POS-terminal, chip cards and banks. One of the problem was that each bank use own communication protocol and we should support most of them. The another problem was in make decision for approve operation, it should be complex decision between chip-card and bank.

Finally, I implemented the same solution for Pin Pad which allowed to integration this solution for cash-register.

Core Technologies Used: Sagem, Ingenico, Talento, Artema, TietoEnator, TP2


Altoros 05.2008 05.2009


The target of this project was implemented mobile application for warehouse management. My contributions to the project was as follows:

-          development of custom mobile controls (NET CF)

-          synchronization with database MS SQL

-          development business logic

The main challenge of this application was customization of standard windows mobile controls, which allowed to make mobile application more user friendly and customize.

Core Technologies Used: NET CF, MS SQL


Sam-solutions 10.2004 05.2008


The target of group these projects were development of comprehensive solution for deploying ServerView components on Fujitsu servers.

The main challenge was to install JBoss, MS SQL, and many other components on servers, after that it should be configured and ready to work. Versions and sequence of launch were very important on each step.

Core Technologies Used: Java, IIS, Apache, C++, MS SQL, Wise, JBoss



Cross-platform application for doctor's consulting which allows to diagnose by symptoms, suggest treatment options, provided articles, and make calculations as well.

The main challenge was to create of cross-platform SDK for Palm, Windows, Windows CE and Pocket PC platforms which includes two type of forms, all controls and event messaging between all elements. That is allow to make dynamic interface without change source code, and upload it from the Internet.

Finally, I also was involving in development of update mechanism which allows to make it quickly and with minimal internet traffic.

Core Technologies Used: C++, MS SQL, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Pocket, Windows


ASKON-BEL 02.2002 09.2004


The goal of this project was creation of CAD system for power supply schemes.

The most challenge was to:

-          development of mechanisms for constructing complex elements with using COMPAS primitive:

-          each level of abstraction should use different electrical components with different behaviors

-          Laying wires in manual and automatic mode between components with and without intersection

-          Reporting on costs required to implement a scheme.

-          Support for various types of databases: Oracle, MS SQL, Interbase

-          development designer tool for creation of electrical components.

It was my first experience in a complex system which I started from zero and released.

Core Technologies Used: C++, Oracle, MS SQL, InterBase, Ascon.



Belarusian State University Informatics and Radioelectronics, Minsk, Belarus 2002



PMI. Project Manager Professional (1823184) 2015

IBM. Principles of Project Management 2015

UML. Object Oriented approach in development 2004